Monday, March 31, 2008

Yo..waddup y``s it going there? Anyways..
Went to berakas on sunday morning to pray my grandparents and ancestors,which is 'Ching Ming'( a day to pray our family of the ones not here with us and ancestors).Woke up at 5 in the was i sleepy :s after that me and my parents we to the bandar tamu(market) to buy some food to give offerings..boy,came to think of it..i haven`t been to the tamu for a very long fact i only go there once in a year :s haha

After work i went to a DVD shop at menglait there..i went to the cd section,i guess what i saw? A cd album of edison chen,here let me show you what i mean..



Sorry that the picture was bad :s

The point it..from my own opinion..i think that person who design this album cover is a 'Dickhead" for real..i mean comeon man,that`s just over the edge man, now i`m not on his side either,however..i feel pity for him in a way cause like the whole world is shitting on him in a way..i know he`s been a total dick in a way..but you know..he got what he deserves and 'sometimes' we need to give a person a second chance :\ well..that what i you?

To wrap it up..i bought AVP2( yea i know,i`m outdated lol) and first sunday..


A funny comedy,u should check it one of the scenes;

Hostage: What kind of a name is ' LeeJohn'?
LeeJohn : My momma had two boyfriends, john and lee..and when i came out,she don't know who the father she call me LeeJohn
*Awkward silence*
Hostage: I don`t think i would have told that :s

alrite got to go ladies and gentlement..take care ;)

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