Friday, March 28, 2008

How bad can this month be? :s


Another car accident happened along jerudong area this afternoon..seriously..this month is not a good month..too much incident happening :s..then this afternoon..was talking with two friends of mine after work..regarding spooky stuff..n it did made my hair stand up..seriously..and i found out that this month is something related to some kind of ghost month..ironic isn`t it? :s

its been ages since i played bball..daym..hands are getting rusty n hitchy..i need to ball baby..anyone who`s reading this post and y`all wanna play some bball..hook me up ayte.. n not to forget..i have this feeling of wanting to learn 'dancing' im not sure why..seeing those actors in very classic films..the way they dance and move..really makes me wanna dance as well ;p prehaps i mite take up dancing lesson in the near future ,woohoo~ Lol

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