Friday, April 11, 2008

It`s Your Birthtday!! :)

Would like to take this time to wish one of my gurlfriends ( a friend which is a gurl,don misunderstood me ah,later i`ll get my ass kicked from new castle lol!)`s her 20th today,11th april 2008 and i think that why her name is 'April' haha


awww...sweet isnt she kekeke :p

Well,today is your birthday..hope you have a blast!! Your all grown up right now.Wish you all the best and i miss your cookies keke :p take care yea hehe.Happy Birthday :D

And on the other hand..i downloaded south parks newest episode last few days ago..regarding butters doing a dance to save klye`s brother from getting involve in canada`s strike..

the original artist`s hilarious..introduced by wacky charles jr in the past ;) gay men can be funny too LOL!

you guys shud download that latest southpark video called 'canada strike' u`ll laughed non stop.guarantee ya lol :p and here i`ve got a few clips that linked to the southpark episode..u`ll get what i mean..that is if you watch it ;)

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