Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Guess whos back?

Who? It`s the 90`s popular band.. 'New Kids On The Block' if u haven`t heard of them before? where were u?! lol and that time..Backstreet boys, N syns etc other boy bands were still amatures..frankly speaking..i`ve only heard one of their songs only,which is 'step by step..oh baby~'..other than :s yea i know it`s a shame haha..this is like the same plan as 'Take That' dont you think? hehe.but apparetly, robbie williams wasn`t in the group,i like gary barlow`s voice..and his fat now :s and robbie williams is still killing..Rock Dj baby! XD

Old School Picture


New School


Well...some just need to tone up and practice more hehe, but will their performance be a little better than Take That? well, that for us to find out hehe P.s joey has a NICE voice thou..

And Michael Jackson Thrillers Album`s track is nice thou..collaboration with and fergie and Kanya west.A must hear! :) and i`m so addicted to One republic`s single 'Stop And Stare' :) if you havent hear it,please do ;)

Well, cheers,Bitches lol

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