Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh my what a rainy day tonight has been..and a freakin thunderstorm man..woah, nasstyyy~ and it`s been a very tough time for some of u guys because of the internet so called upgrading..many haven`t been online and it`s seems like their half dead already..haha *give me back my internet* well,seriously..brunet,e-speed..they say they gonna upgrade their server to be faster and all that..what i think`s all d same to me anyway..speed still sucks..period..and why they stil call it e-speed anyways? :s

Dint od much on saturday night..went to batu bersurat to watch the final basketball match between bandar and,the kb supporters are huge..majority are 'foh' (gurls) the game was exciting and the score was very tight..bandar won by 2 points if i`m not mistaken.. after that went to coffeebean to have a drink with Justin Timberlake of brunei,chee keong a.k.a gary and Charles junior,metis the lil gay kid.. wierd thing is that..he ordered something unusual..


2xcb? what drink is that? :x

Since Charles jr got his car license back,he was my source of transport that night ;) after coffeebean we went to bandar,a small pasar malam (night market),behind the st andrew`s church to eat..keong didnt follow us...too bad..someone`s treat you know? lol

Got home,Charles jr hang out at my home while dating with aman using his phone regrading his wackyness~ gay berabis lol..u can see all kind of wacky slang man..good grief lol

anyways,gtg`s raining heavily now..gotta off my comp..take care everyone..bye bye

p.s Oh yea, you think u can fool me by changing my homepage hey? haha NOOO~i`m not that easy, you faggot! lol..get a life samwell :p what...what?

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