Sunday, April 27, 2008


oh my god...check her out

marina - official website

marina - youtube site

How i wish school has a teacher like her back in my time..i bet i`ll even cry if theres not school on fridays and sundays,even holidays.

And there are a lot of new words that amaze me.. and to the smooth criminal aman..u shud check her videos out ;) man..i lllovvee blondes , they are so hot.....and also dumb sometimes lol


I need to get myself a russian chick man..

Sorry keong, this 27 year old chick just killed ur cute Mririan a.k.a Magibon
Why? cause i will waste minutes of my life watching her staring at the webcam,being silly :s
Don`t get me wrong thou,although she has a nice rack for a 21 year old...yea,but Marina too do have a nice rack and she teaches :p and i`m learning something too! lol new words in fact hoho

I`ve learn something new today..when the teacher`s hot ,whatever she teaches..everything does goes into your brain lol

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