Friday, April 25, 2008

Remember this?


LA Gear

Remember back in the times when this was so popular? cause of the light at the end of it.. and it suddenly died..

Well check this out..something new thou..


This is something`s design for streetball outdoor kicks as well as sneakers.. LA Gear use that like 10 years ago..but they didnt do it to the extent thou.. it`s design by Jezign a sport brand company.And i guess you wont get lost easily in the dark? haha.


I wonder if it still uses those small round flat batteries like they use back in those days.. but u have to admit it does look cool at night when u are playing basketball thou...

Today was a lazy day for was raining the whole afternoon..and i was SSOOO lazy to go to gym..Nick hurt his back,Deno didnt attend...and i was left with i went for the sack of rony.. instead, rony put 'aeroplane'(didnt come last minute) on me :s ' eh la,kau ani~ kau telah menyakiti hatiku bang ' lol

I had this interest for 'Latin Dance' and it was also included in the gym package, but it`s in a different day..and i wanted to see how does the other dance looks like cause latin is only on tuesday..they have cardio,steps, hi/low..all on diferent days..

I went to see cardio dance..for the first time and i brought wacky aman to company me..and he was teasing me for being 'gay' , how 'nice and supportive' can u get hey? :\ well, anyways..yea i was the only brother there..all were females...still aman continue the teasing..yea yea watever man...

I mean, it wrong for a guy to join a dancing class which is all female..and it doesn`t says that it`s only strictly for female everyone can join,no matter how 'wacky' u can get ;) half way through the dancing class,i left cause its kinda like the dance u do for National Day when u were still in secondary school...and guess what,the pihlipino teacher told me Latin dance will be on every tuesday and today..the timetable`s change and no more Latin Dance... well..that does sucks big time...and i was so into i`ll just tune into youtube and learn on my own :s lol

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