Sunday, April 20, 2008

I think god is punishing me..maybe i have done something bad this week..that he cant take it anymore and has decided to show me his anger...

On a saturday morning..i was at 'Giant' supermarket,was at the supermarket car park..was doing my thing..and suddenly there was this beautiful lady,she got body n all,she has a nice smile thou..coming from a distance..but i didn`t really bother..continue to do my thing.. then,unexpectly..she came to talk to me..i was surprised..but later found out that i was the only brother there :s haha,anyways this women is a tourist..she was asking me about the road to the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque...therefore i told her how to go there..but unfortunately..she dont quiet get it because it`s here first time here..then suddenly her friend can..driving a rented car 'KSPS' it know what, when her friend came,driving the kia saloon car..i tought they were trying t kidnapped me or something..cause she drive quiet fast and towards us..i was like 'daym!!'

Her friend came out of the car and my god,not bad looking..i`m sorry to say this but..she`s got a nice rack..i was stonned for a second..i`m a guy it`s normal haha, apparetly they came from shanghai..i was like 'wow' and it`s their first time here..they wanted to look for a map but unfortunately her hotel doesn`t have mind u,it`s a class hotel..but they got no`s a shame i tell ya..we went to best eastern to buy but`s out of stock :s..i felt forry for the shangai girls.. wanted to help them..but i had to work.. oh wells..hope their all would be dangerous when your hot and your lost :s and i did said to them

Me: Wow,your quiet daring to drive around when it`s your first time here
Girl with nice rack : @#$&*% (actually shes not swearing,but she said something deep which i dont understand) plus her shanghai slang..i was blown away...
Me: Ohhh..haha (pretend to understand)

Well,overall they are nice people thou..i find it sad that some,well a lot of people misjudge china ladies are mostly prostitues..although a lot of them are all over the country..but still we cant judge a book by it`s cover right? i`m just being neutral..and i`m defenitely not on the prostitute we just gotta look outside the box sometimes..

And another thing is that..i sprained my neck 2nd time this week...neck position but different oh my..this is terrible..i cant simply move my neck :s..could it be i`ve seen to many rack? :s i`m not sure haha..and i do hope o recover soon!

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