Sunday, October 19, 2008

It`s that once in a lifetime thing

A few weeks before, a friend of mine called me..she said she wanted to hand me something,i asked what was she gonna give me..she told me it`s a,we meet up somewhere..cause i like surprises(who doesn`t) haha

When we met..i asked her,what`s the surprised ..and then she gave it to eyes were is hands were i move my hands to receive it... the surprise was this...





This is what you called a red bomb!! lol.. A good friend of mine Michelle is getting married..

This is her wedding picture.Taken from Wilni (Hope you dont mind hehe)

Ok...Let me share with you the story,,the day we went for the wedding..yes,i`m not the only one going..Mr Wong a.k.a W.c is also going haha. anyways..on the day both our time was crazy..i have to work quickly and good,so i could make it in time for the wedding..mind you,the wedding is at KB, not in bandar la ;)

Reached home at 5 sumtin..the wedding card says,the ceremony starts at 6.30, my experience of attending weddings..when they say usually starts at about 7.30 (perhaps),so i was wating for my 'driver' to pick me up, apparetly he was also busy with his field work..he flew from Labi to Bandar then to KB.we left bandar at about 7 sumtin almost 8(i know we are late)

We were speeding carefully along the road to kb and its fcking crazy too haha..time is so`s like every 35 mins i look at the time and say..'We are so fcking late .but who cares lol' and we reached there at about 9.10pm anf we are two hour plus late..aint that ccrraazzyy?? we feel 'malu' when we entered the stairs and as we reached..ohh mmyy goooddd~ it was an ULTRA AWKWARD feeling..i`ll tell ya that..there were a lot of people looking at us :s ,even the waiter thought we came to eat at the wrong nite,the nice waiter find us a table and we quickly sit to decrease our 'maluness' :s

WWooo...never felt so embaressed in attending weddings this is a reminder to all you people out there..never attend a wedding late,if not u`ll be like us..

We sat there like for an hour plus then the wedding dinner ended..and it was also the fastest wedding i ever attended to..

It`s defenitely happy to see a gud friend finally fell in love,get married and live a happy life :)
Not like some of us guys,who get drunk and naughty or high and`s freakin sad...
where have all the girls gone too? i would like a naughty but nice type of gurl..and if your that and you got a nice ass..hit me up baby!! know what im saying? ;)

To top it off, i would like to Congrats Michelle and her Husband,the newly weds the best of luck in everything you guys do and stay true ;)

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