Monday, July 14, 2008


This last week..i have been freakin lifeless, i have to admit that...i`ve been hooked to 'Mob Wars' on Facebook...everything seems to be never have to fight to get experience and money and also u need to do some job to get money as well...then when u reach another new level..u increase your health or stamina or attack and defense mode.. it`s quite a challenging game actually..u`ll encounter sore losers too in that game..i remember,theres this one time i attack(your suppose to attack people) a mob and i got $70,000 and i`m like 'wow' this guy is loaded so i hit 2 more times and i`m have like a mill plus..and the next thing i know that guy hit me back..ok thats fair la.. but that fool attack me more than 3 i attack him back and accidently sent him to the hospital :S , which i htink the person`s i quietly let him attack me lo...when he came back he put me on 'hitlist', meaning he buy my head lo,who kill me get a sum of money and i was killed..i was like 'ni nah beh~' so over the line le...that time i no money to buy his i attack him again..this time he was in hospital...i punch him after 2 times..i give up..waste of my the end of the day he do d same shit to me again.*sigh* malas ku layan eh!(lazy to entertain) ,let him win la...

Someone please save me form this sinful game!!! :`( i need a life... this game has made me fat...mother fcker!!..seriously..i`ve gotten fat because of this game..ask, really need to go to the gym man...n metis called me a fatso, look who`s talking :x chigga plz!! no homo...

It seems like love is in the air...two hearts that beat as one..a new love has just begun..a new chapter of life begins..beautiful stories unfold..telling the world the legend of love....

When ur lying next to me,
i can see the world clearly,
my heart beats fast,
cherishing all the love till the very last,

you told me,i should go home
but i resist,
and wanted to stay with you a little longer,
together we feel the cold sea breeze,
slowly coming towards us,
while letting the warm fire keep us warm,

holding u tightly,
as i know that,
your the one for me...


Baby, baby..i don`t know what to say,
the way you move the words you say,
makes me sway away,
you can be my beyonce,
and i can be your jay

ok,i`ve written something lame suddenly oh what the hell..thats me,it`s just the moment that i need to put it out :s..sometimes i do something wierd/silly whatever u call it haha..anyways gtg now.see la later aligator ;) *exit stage right*

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