Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yesterday night i had dinner at Mel`s house..the food was fantastic i have to say..boy,was it superb~ the food was great..we had cury chicken,rojak,2 types of fishes..which was tasty,pork leg and also fried mee...i was damn full thou..even though i didn't ate my lunch :s but that's not the point, the point is..when jun seng arrived..the food is over..guess what happened.. his dishes is special haha, he has one bowl of pork leg and 1 plate of fishto himself,specially cook by Mr and Mrs jong..i have to say mel`s parents are damn nice lo..heart warming man.. junseng killed both the pork leg and the fish

This is Jun Seng, after dinner..he said he felt like sleeping..

He slept.... ZZZzzZZZz

While the king is recharging his energy,his side kick Bernard decided to show us some of his legendary guitar skills..which was a blast,it will make your drop on your knees,your eyes open wide,and in the mist of seconds..u`ll see Bern changed into someone like Aerosmith...singing his heart out..and if you were a gurl..i bet u`ll have an orgasm ;) and at the end of the day..mel has to clean up his room a few times lol..

This is bernard
Dont wanna close my eyes~~~

The King (Jun seng) woke up and decided to play facebook,if you are bored with the games in facebook..have no fear..all you gotta do is go to jun seng`s face book page and you can choose all kinds of games there..he had 100+ games..but before you enter his have to ask yourself..'Am i ready to risk it?' why i said that because your comp might hang or the loading might take too long..some of us have encounter it..even myself..but now,shud be alright..cause he has deleted 50-60 game applications

Bottom line.. Thanks to mel and family for their splendid dinner 'kop khun krup'(in thailand)
P.S- i ate 2 pieces of monte carlo chocolate cakes and it was d BOMB!!! i LOVE it, lol.period.

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