Thursday, July 24, 2008

Cant Smile Without You

Hey,wats up eveybody? it`s been quiet a long time i din update my blog..been bz hehe...nuthin much happened thou :s hoho

Went to Empire to watch 'HellBoy 2, The Golden Army'

I have to`s not bad..i`ll give 6/10..i`m surprised that Hellboy would have a love scene..haha..

Red: abe u fell 4 da princess
Abe: She's like me, a creature from another world
Red: u need 2 get out more.
Abe:She's alone in the world i wanna help her... I need to care for her.
Red: Ur in luv, hav a beer.
Abe: my body's a temple
Red: no its an amusment park. Shut up n drink it will U. Wat track?
Abe: 8
Red: Cant smile without you...
Abe: i know
Red:Yup i'm gonna need a beer too
Abe: I luv dis song n i cant smile or cry... i think i have no tear ducts.

This is such a SWEET`s been in my head since last night :p.Classic songs are the best, Oldies But Goldies' anyone who doubt it..well, ur one sad person :s

Seems like the world world is love sick or doubt bout it..people around me also a lil love sick... man,it`s like the 'Year Of The Lovers' woohoo~ period.

and lastly..


This is Ken hehe... Handsome leh? ;) but sorry..he`s unavailable.. anyways ..have you have a great day on your bday and ahead of you..wish you all the best ;)

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