Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Sorry for the lack of updates! was busy and lazy,my anyways..for a fast recap of what happen last few days :)

Dude, u need to take have some exercise nigel..ur starting to grow tits man..unless you wana be like the two gurls next to you.haha

Me with the flying kick lol

Other that that..we have some vulgar pics ;) This is not for peoples under 20...




Self pleasure and another one is imaginary pleasure,which needs a lot of thinking power, nick seems to enjoy a lot..ur arriving hey?

Trousers pulling and *ahem* washing
Ton: Y are u pulling my pants?
Metis: Errr... for fun tehee~ :p

Having some ASS-tion hey,ton? lol noti-noti ;)

Metis shirt being slowly taken off,head`s near someone`s crouch and what`s more,met is vulnerable... wonder whats his trying to do :s

At the end of the day

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