Monday, July 28, 2008


Guess what...i cut my hair short lol..but not THAT short...this is the second time i cut it..the first one was a disaster..for real..i went to this saloon (not mentioning names),but realise my hair stylist quit her job already..but i dont know why i was dumb at that time to even stay there..and i also dont know why i said 'anyone' when the boss me if i want a gurl or guy to cut my hair..nxt time ppl..when asked about something..think a few times before replying you answer, an 'any' might changed your life or might have a big impact on u! :s well, mine kinda 'changed' :s i look mafckin ridiculious..i told the 'pondz' to layer my hair on d side..and guess what...he cut my almost short,except my front side of the hair,which is first i din see it..coz i was talking to my niece and when i look at the mirror..i`m like 'WTF DID U DO TO MY HAIR??' i was like stonned... for real..thers nuthin i can was a ma fckin 2mths long hair was totally much for the hard work... it broke my heart to see that i look..'shytty'..i aint going there again..boss told me..if something not satisfied..u can share.. yea right, like can u stick my original hair back?? :s chigga plz~ but i learn my lesson..not to simply say 'any'

Well,this time my short look alright..not bad hoho..and something bad happened today...which i feel guilty..was playing bball at was like an all gurls vs guys team..and man, it was hard guarding gurls.. you know why? i scared accidently touch some parts, you never know man haha..and the guilty thing i did was..which was an ACCIDENT i swear,i accidently hit a gurl have no idea how panic i was..i was so scared her nose bleed man!!! :| lucky she was alright.. *phheew* hey gurl, if you see this.. i apologize sincerely for that..didnt meant to do it..hope you aint mad hehe..the game was hype and i was beat down..damn tired *sigh* but it was all good.. again..sorry gurl for injuring your bad. well, gtg now..gonna sleep soon..take care y`all ;)

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