Friday, August 1, 2008


Today`s been a tiring day..i`m officially working as a salesman for KRAFT,in case you dont know what KRAFT is,it`s a cheese brand..other that that it`s also supplies everyone`s favourite biscuit, the OREO biscuit, Planters peanut spread,Tiger biscuit,Twisties,Jacobs crackers as well ;)

Heres some KRAFT chesse commercial for y`all to see,enjoy..

Try our Kraft cheese`s the realest gives you calcium as well as strong bones too..

And for Oreo...

Now, thats wack! haha

This guy composed a Rap song about oreo..wicked!!

To everybody out there..please give it a try for our Kraft products,get it at your nearest supermarket or indian shop..i`ve got mine..when ya getting yours?

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