Sunday, August 3, 2008

Went to watch the LUFBRU Summer Games 2008 at UBD lastnight.. it was not as packed as i expected thou...i though it would be hard to find a parking,coz i was like late haha..surprisingly,i managed to find it easily. The boys have been playing like since 8? what i meant was 8 in the morning..when i left,it was about 12 midnight..the game still havent finished yet tho..

I think i would have got killed if i were to play like this,from morning till noon football and from noon till late night,basketball..i think i would have needed a carton of 'RedBull' and also banana, to boost my energy...i felt exhausted watching them played,imagine that :s

And to my 'soi-ness'(bad luck), my left hand(palm) got stung by a ma fckin bee and my right hand,got scratch by it too..

in the picture,u might not see clearly

Out of no where this bitch landed on my left lap, i was like panic..coz it might sting me..i tried too shook it off,and it wont budge..after3-4 times it came felt to the other side of the floor..with yellow liquid coming out of it`s ass..i felt my right hand wounded..and saw a scratch on it..THEN my left hand accidently touch my left lap and BANG the ma fcking ass tail stung my left hand,the feeling of like 10+ needles poking your hands....even the fcker was to`s bringing something along with it..such a BITCH man..i hate that died however,in the end.i quickly put some medicine on my wounds..i woke up this morning, i`m surprised that my hands arent 'bengkak' (swollen) it a good sign or a bad sign? :s

Anyways,we went to CheeKeong`s house after that..some of the gurls were already there when i arrived..jun seng was fast,as usual..when theres food..theres Jun seng lol.heck,i left UBD earlier than him man haha. i went to keongs room to online for a while to update my 'Mob Wars' (i`m addicted, save me), suddenly 5 gurls friends came inside keong`s room..and i was the only brother there..i thought i was lucky...but yea..nothing happen,they wanted to sing often do a guy get to have 5 gurls friends in one room? lol

The gurls discover something on the wall..a board;

I`m Depressed, I`m Single...

So the gurls,decided to help him the 'secret' of dating and chasing

Their answer for keong`s problems...

Click picture for larger view

P.S: need to stop this or cut it`s ruining your life..we all are worried about you..

Mririan is killing you,son :s imagine when u talk a million words to her and all she does is those same damn expression :s now thats fcked up :S haha

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