Friday, August 8, 2008


Its the Eight Of August Two Thousand And Eight, apparetly many love birds are getting married today..why? it`s because for us chinese,the number "Eight' represents Good fortune and good things come to you..this number comes once in a lifetime thou...if you think about it,unless u have immortal life like 'Michelle Yeo' in The Mummy 3,then you can join the second 8,8,2008 which is at 8/8/8888 2008 and you have 6 centuries to go :s lol...shyt and the world is getting dangerous day by day..i wonder what will happen to the earth by`s kinda nasty if you think about it...theres wars,death,bitch ass on the loose, johns,trick ass marks,marks ass tricks,physco etc.. heck, they havent even find out where Osama`s been like...almost 7 years?

If you tell a woman that another women`s sucking ur man`s/boy`s pole, she`ll find the bitch in less than a day and give that bitch an good ass wooping,i tell ya that :| she`ll even drag than bitch all the way from gadong to jerudong :s this is just how crazy women can get sometimes,so make sure you dont mess with the wrong ones :S...

Anyway, lets put that aside shall we? apart form`s the opening of the Olympic Games in China.i saw some of the openings..and i have to say it`s AMAZING,frankly speaking...that opening is so beautiful,the character of words changing, i thought was controlled by a computer,how wrong was i..there were thousands of strong man underneath those words..moving and changing the words,if u`ve seen it..u`ll know what i god..they are amazing,apart from the beautiful chinese ladies that flirt with us men,who tried to con us,who tried to seduce us.. hands down to the event..

Apart from that,i would like to wish Aman Alhamid a.k.a The Smooth Criminal, a Big Congratulations that he is indeed engaged!!! it`s about time!! :D lol i think that theres a someone for somebody..and nobody`s ugly either...i guess it`s all based of your fate..and the brother got his fate,so...a new chapter of their lives began..a start of a new love...oh o! *jiwang alerts* i better stop.. i dedicated this song for you and your wife ;)

Lol, you know what that might be ;) look at em hairdo! wooahh~

Lastly, all the best in everything you do..i`m not surprised if a family is starting soon ;) ya dig? lol

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