Monday, August 11, 2008


Man, i`m shocked that..the man (Isaac Hayes),voice of south park`s character 'Chef' passed away,He was 65. i didnt know that until this afternoon when i saw a video option at the msn bar,watever u call it.

Isaac Hayes

This is Chef,voice by Isaac Hayes

a small video from one of his works...

His still young thou..not only he`s the man behind chef`s voice but he`s a musician as well.. He was one of my favourite character other than Eric Cartman(a funny asshole) and jimmy.Life a bitch and we all know it..and if u dont know it..then u need a reality check..and get in the real world..and fairytales arent case you dont realise :s someone should sue disney for making some people think that the white and shining armour does exist :s lol and if it may come true..i`ll make vanessa hudson and miley cyrus my bitch and zac afron my maid lol

Life too fragile as time goes by,u`ll never know whats gonna happen tomorrow. i believe that everything in ur life is already many clothes you wear,how many food you eat and who u`ll meet..

I do think of death sometimes,like how is it gonna happen,will i die naturally or not..i`m afraid to die..i admit that..thats because i`ve a lot of think that i havent done yet..A LOT.First thing is get fckin rich (who doesnt? either u get rich or die trying -50 cent) then i can do watever i a fckin big house..then on the top floor,build a jacuzzie there,at night can enjoy while watching the stars and gurls surrounding you in the jacuzzie is a MUST have thats pimpin,son! hahah and not to forget a underground basketball court below my house...wicked! just like shaq`s house haha

And if im able to fullfield half my wish..consider not bad le.. and if i do accomplised all of`s a blessing..then when the day come..i`ll have no regrets..i`ll just spread my wings and fly,till the end of time..and reincarnate in the next life.. well, you gotta live life with no regrets :) when u make a mistake,learn from it..i learn if from everyone...and when it`s said and done..i hope it would be a better one..

Thats why i live my life, my way..i do what i know..just having fun..being crazy and all..but in a safe way la of course..but leh, the last thing i wanna do before i die is to let police cars chase me..just like in reality tv show..i forgot whats the name.. 'police car chase' i think lol..something like that...fcking exciting man...all your adraneline rush through ur body and thats WACKED!!! lol

I like this song.. :) sorry to non rap lovers hehe. peace out