Sunday, December 28, 2008

My oh`s been a long time i haven`t updated my bad..was super busy till i even call the bee my brother..hehe

Anyways, i hope everyone is alright :) 2009 is just around the corner..god,i`m excited..its a new year baby~ ;)
Today went to Seri Q-Lap to watch 'Bedtime Stories' but actually i wanted to watch 'IP Man' it`s a very nice martial art`s tell the story of Bruce Lee`s Grand Master 'Yip Man' it`s pronounce at 'YIP Mhan' not 'I.P. Man' btw ;) it`s a MUST SEE!!!

Heres the trailer

Bedtime story was alright..u can see a few familiar faces in the the guys from duece bigalow..Come to think of it..i almost`s the FIRST anniversary of my blog :) man, its been one year already..time does goes by huh?

So,i owuld like to take a time out to say 'Thank You' to those who take their precious time to read my lil wierd blog..hoho ;) appreciate it guys :)

A token of my appreciation..

Without You (NO HOMO)
without ur support,this blog would be dead long time ago..

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