Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Man, i was working at bandar late afternoon..as i was crossing the road in front of me.. i see two gurls..one was ok n the other was kinda ayte.. gurl with a long hair,a lil ass and nice rack..
i was like..woah..as this 'gurl' turn around. GOT DAYM!!! it`s a PONDAN, i almost wanna throw up.. damn she-males..fcuk!! and these two fag were right in front of me..the long hair fag was like doing some sunsilk commercial..flicking his/her long hair every 10 seconds.. pfft~

No offence, some shemales are nice,im all good as long they dont take advantage of me but this one is crazy, heck he/she was whispering to some unknown guy on the mobile store and walks away..i was right behind them and the guy thought it was me..now thats shitty-witty.

Good NEWS..Megan Fox is SINGLE

She should have dumped her ex long time ago..

My Poem to Megan Fox

If it wasn`t for transformers
i wouldnt have notice you
and your beauty that shines through
made me looked like a fool

As you walk by
know that i, would shy
as i see your smile
you get me high as a plane
in the sky

Whether ur lonely or sad
u can come to me
u know i`ll never leave
i`ll be right by your side
under the grey sky
i`ll be like rihanna
u can stay under my umbrella.

*a sucker for love*

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