Thursday, November 20, 2008

My, i`ve been so busy these few weeks..didn`t eat well nor sleep well. hell, i even dreamnt of working when i`m sleeping. that`s just crazyy.. and now i`m sick..wrong time to get sick..have to struggle for this month..and i`m gonna take a few days off in december..i need a vacation or a time ease my mind..

There`s just too much on my mind..till i dont know how to`s just all these problems comes all at one time..the impact is heavy..i dont even know whats it`s like been happy anymore..i dont laugh and smile like the way i use to be..somehow it`s just not me..

I guess the impact is so big that i once felt that this joke is so funny that i laughed, but doesnt seem funny to me no more...

Last but not least.. why doest Lil John have to scream while his singing? maybe its just me..but i find his screaming annoying,Theres this one itme.. i was at JPMC gym..the counter was playing one of his songs and theres this part when he was screaming 'F**K YOU BI#%h N****' a few times, and theres this white man in front of me,who focusing on his exercise,was disturbed by that song till u can see the nerve on his forehead(his bold btw).. can say sometimes jpmc has a lil poor choice on music...

And of yea..CIARA is fckin sexy!!! shyt~ and if i`m rich like Diddy,she`ll be my baby`s mama and i`ll have child support with no prob...

I need a miracle,
whatever it is..imma hustling to get through this
Gotta hold on and be strong..

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