Friday, November 7, 2008

For the past few weeks..or should i say for the past few months..i`ve been noticing a few middle aged man..getting half bold...and it makes me kinda worried..'would i become like them one day?' seriously, i`m fcking scared loss is a bitch..not only to me..but to everyone else :s
Lucky i`m not a pretty boy nor handsome, if not i`ll cry :(

Other than that..i`m always damn come majority of the hair loss has this shape

like an alphabet U

And come we have hair loss on the head and not our pubic/private region?? Well, if we have hair loss on those area..i think it would makes our life`s a little easier,so we don`t have to check every week or so..and say 'Damn,armpit`s hair`s growing again'

Guys, you should always keep your 'private' region short and clean, if ya know what i don`t wanna feel the pain of getting 'plucked' when you zip your pants up.


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