Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You say that i`m weak,
i cant stand still,
u say your strong,
coz you do things on your own

The words you say,
the action you use,
from head to toe,
it was all rude,
but it`s all gud..
i wont waste my time,
hating some fool,
who aint got no clue,
on wat he`s saying or doing..

You lil pussy
you talk so much shyt,
but in reality,
u`re just a nobody
you were so cocky,
you said when u reach 40,
you`ll be rich and wealthy,
you wouldnt acknowledge me,

But guess what?
i dont give a fuck
whether you do or do not
your just a stain
that doesnt need to maintain
so, *poof* sonawabeech~

Till my dying days,i`ll remember those words u said to me, in front of your daddy to me..when u were saying it so proudly and confidently.."When i reach 40..i`ll be rich and wealthy..i wouldnt wanna know or acknowledge you"

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