Friday, September 12, 2008

Went to escapade for dinner just`s was a superd meal thanks to Mr Chee Huat for his generous offer :D..Thankz man!! hehe i was very very full..i cant even walked properly was a pleasent evening..we were having a great time..sidney making some silly jokes bout me having a malay name,named 'Ali' -_- wtf and he oways related me to B.A.A (Black African Americans) lol..his such a comedian sometimes haha..

As i walked to my car.and i saw this...

At first i say to myself 'Cibai..dont tell me i kena saman ah!! gadong also kena saman!!' you have no many times i kena saman,till i scared..i have a lil phobia on it already :s shyt`s crazy man haha..u can believe me on that..sekali i turn`s an advertisement... i was like 'Chew~, lucky' if i kena again this balls will be very heavy and uncomfortable..somemore in gadong again..really fcked up lo me..haha

I was introduced to another game in Facebook called 'Elven Blood' oh shyyttt...and when i say..'OHHH..SHHYTT' you know wassup.. yea..just like mob warz..i`m daym..Mob Warz and Elven Blood.. how lifeless can i get :S SSAAFFEEE MMEEE!!!

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