Tuesday, September 16, 2008

These two days.. i very stress ah...wa piang! yesterday quarrel with my buyer..very cibai that fcking kaling.. ' Lin si' with me there oh..kan ni nia...i very fired up when i think of it..even now,when i`m typing it on my blog..just you wait..one day i`ll get u back,mathafucker

And today two 'TI-Ki LAN' (stubborn dick) appear in my way again...really shitty..what a day.. also another cibai kaling.. what to do..90+ percent of my customers are klings..and i`m not being racist here..some are nice and some are bastardy..they made me this way...i have no way out,but to put it in my blog.. and another one is a muara town customer .. she ordered from me 9 cartons of phildelphia cream cheese 250g..thats a lot u know.. and shes known for her return goods... meaning expire goods..she don care..she forcefully return it back to you..we as salesman are fcking afraid of it..ask any salesman..which doesnt..return goods..cut commision and kena tiao(screw) by boss..

And of koz, i have to becareful with this kind of ppl..am i not right? then one day she find me to order the phildelphia cream cheese 2kg..so i told her,we dont have stock.. cibai, ur 9 carton havent even finish wanna order again...owez say ur the goods very 'laku'(hot),i can smell bullshit all the way from muara to gadong thru the fone..so i dint give her.

This morning i was there..and i was surprised to see the 2kg cheese..and found out that a comp buy from us n supply to them..waliew..really one big turn man -_-" this time is not a kling but a chinese lady in her late 40`s, cause they are from muara town..and they mostly speak malay.. and you know what she say to me?

eh,eh...tengok kau sombong ah..inda mau bagi ku stock
(eh,eh...see you`re so proud that you dint want to give me stock)
tengok skrng ku dapat stock udah..
(see now, i`ve have the stock)

From that moment..i can see that bitch`s smirk on her face..like she owned me..lol,as if..another typical bruneian attitude..tsk tsk tsk..the stock also ordered from us wat..we stop it..then u ma no need to sell la..easy as that...

i guess i need to learn to be super patient with these kind of people...but i dint know how long i can stand..if i explode..i dont know what will happen :s i`m impatients sumtimes..

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