Wednesday, September 10, 2008

It`s that time of year again..i would like to take a time out to wish Emily and Metis a HAPPY BIRTHDAY today :D

The Gayboy,the one in green i mean.. sorry i dont have emily`s picture..

As the years gone by,i`ve seen how this faggot evolved...what i mean was..from his old skool self to his new skool self.. from chubby specky boy to womenly handsomely`s pretty amazing to watch his evolution gives me two types of feeling 1) as if i`m watching my son growing up and 2) as if i`m rearing my own pokemon lol..jus kidding chigga ;)

As the times goes by..we know how gay he has moved to..although he doesnt admits it..but it`s all good..we still accept you of who you are.. like tony-punanie once said 'A true man admits his own mistakes and weakness whereas a girly man wake up 5 in th morning to do his hair'... word. haha. but dont laugh..his bisex metro-affect has also play a big part in all of us..he inspire us with fashionably looks as well as accessories to makes us look neat and tidy :)

If not we will end up like this...

i dont wanna be like Bob...

So, anyways..your another year older young man!!...that means there will be more challenges ahead of i wish you luck in all you do ;) again i wish you Happy Birthday and all the best.i`ll see you when i see you..

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