Friday, August 22, 2008

Ok...i dont know how to make it easier..i`ll go straight at the was an awkward day today..many quarreling going on..anyways,i was going down to kb today..and i stopped at Sungai Liang, to have breakfast,in SGL there one place famous for its fried`s nice thou..but NOT as nice as the one in lawas la..that my friend is the best fried mee i`ve doubt about it ;) ok,back to the story..was eating half way..boss scolded his worker..bla bla bla...then after i finish and was leaving..boss`s two daughter..both quarrel there...gawd~ :s

At lumut was the worst..i was somehow caught between some couple put it this car was parked in between, left was d gf`s friend..and right was the couples.. so,as opened my door to go out..and at the same time the gurl opened a sec late..and that bitch ass boyfriend of hers was shouting here and if he was shouting at i didnt care and walked away..i can still hear his voice after 6 step away from them..i turned around..the gurl was crying a lil(she`s not bad looking thou).. so i mind my own business and do my work. i was taking orders from the shop owner..that jackass was HORNING the gurl friends car so loud..i was fcking irritate by it..i almost couldnt stand that uncivilised behaviour of that asshole.. somemore,that bitch was parking at the side of my bumper, his door was quite near ..and if he ever HIT my car..i would kill him car is my 1st babe ayte..aint gonna let that no

Can believe some people are so stubborn and disrespectful at the same time...i have this prediction if my car did get hit..he aint gonan admit his wrong and keep on arguing with me..thats how some of the bruneians examples happened before a few years back...a fone call by some unknown bitchass;

B.A: Siapa ni? (whos this?)
Me: huh? Kau siapa? (huh? Who are u?)
B.A: KAU siapa? (WHO is this?)
Me: ku yang harus tanya KAU, KAU yang telefon aku..( I should be the one asking YOU,YOURE the one who phoned me)
*still asking who i am*
B.A: Kau msg ku tadi! (ur msg me just now!)
Me: Buat apa ku msg kau,ku pun tak kenal kau (Why should i msg u when i dont even know u)
B.A: eh ada! ( got!)
Me: Mua mu la, ada..(got ur ass la)
*close fone*

He fone again and i reject, wasting my time and low can this person be? give me a fcking break..i`ve got things to do.. i believe in karma..what goes around will eventually comes back around..believe that homie!

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