Monday, August 18, 2008

i am gnoel...

Now this is surprising..haha..first time i`ve encounter the number of my MSN pals offline..i can say it`s 99.9 percent offline n only 0.1 percent onlined :s..

Eva says she has a baby..i wonder when was that and how come i didnt know about that..

There we have, Ms Choi the o.1 percent person onlined..haha
Somehow i felt like i`m Will Smith from the movie 'I AM LEGEND', the only brother with a dog living in a big big world :s..freakin sad indeed..not a single female to make you happy,until halfway but she has a yea..

Went to JPMC yesterday afternoon with Mr Sek Hao,Justin a.k.a C.K, W.C a.k.a u know who that might be and Ms Pinky, i was tired..i slept very late that nite (3a.m) watching 'Dont Mess With The Zohan', it`s exaggerating and yet hilarious at the same it! im looking for is 'Tropic Thunder', the trailer was hilarious..what more can you expect from the full movie itself? ;) i think i`ll have to prepare to get 'hiccuped' lol

Anyways, after the JPMC,we headed to Jerudong beach stalls to get some fresh coconut drinks..luckily mr Ang didnt holan us..about the coconuts..if not he will have to treat us the end we did found some coconuts..and W.C ordered some was tasty, 'Food belanja (treat) by people is always tasty one ;) ' thats very generous of him, i have to say :D hehe

Long after the light meal..we headed to the beach to watch the sunset..4 guys and a gurl..romantic indeed~~ lol

2min plus video of the sunset.. and sorry for the poor angle shot bad

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