Friday, February 29, 2008

Yo,waddup y`all..wat1s gud? i`m so tired today.. played backetball at keong`s house this non..n it`s killing stamina sucks big time :s went to eat lunch with met n keong at 'La Mee' serusop,the two superstars of UBD,with talents and skills that admirable that will even reach the far corners of the earth...

And after lunch,3 of us wen to the serusop police station..why? cause ang chee keong lost his UBD library card..his clumsiness has strike i have a little phobia and feel uncomfy whem i`m in a police must be thinking why? i`ll tell u why..cause i`m a so-called 'crimimal' yea.. u got that right Lol

My opening ceremony of being a 'criminal' was at year 2006, if i'm not mistaken..i was about to go down to kb for a market walk with my ex-manager(S.O.B,Cbk,Fak Face,i hate him to tha max) and a principle..halfway at rimba highway..was a road block..i was stopped(driver) pull me to the side and was told, i would get a fined for driving a 2 MONTHS EXPIRED ROAD TAX !!!
how the fuck was i to know that my manager`s car was this shitty?? i told them it aint my car..they said,it`s no use cause they saw me driving the damn car..WTF?? i was totally moodless and pissed..followed them to poice station (1st time) state reports etc n wait for the court case..which was on Jan 07..license got hanged and got fines $800+ ,really no law man..seriously..i`m damn innocent la..why not that fcker got it instead me..put him in jail la..i dont give a damn :\ the rest was 'saman' cases due to me simply parking la,i din meant to do it la.. i can tell was really bad luck man.. kena saman(got fined) in bandar 2 times yo n one time in shitty is dat,son? when i was in the police station i felt home warming,why? cause there were so many brothers there to greet you :s 'have a sit,chit chat' it`s more of a house than a police station and met has the same shit on criminal records..but i`m more 'hardcore' la haha..before we went inside the P.S

Me: Eh yo, wear your seat bealt man
Met: Eh, ya bah ho
Me: Karang kena saman lagi!!(after get fined again) Lol
Met: hahaha
Me: later police from the door saw u no wear seat belt*points finger at you* 'eh,kau tak pakai safetl bealt ah!'
kena saman lagi,at the police station somemore..really fckin SOI(bad luck) man

Anyways,we went to keong`s(a.k.a gary,but he prefers justin) house,went to his room..on his cpu..the 'insert password ' to enter windows was on..he went to toilet, and then met,went and try his luck on the password..

User Name: *
Password: justin

User Name: *
Password: cheekeong

So, i told met.' eh try typing 'ilovecock' who know can go it( we all always tease him that his gay)

User Name: *
Password: ilovecock
*the screen gave us this accepting password sign* u know like when u enter a folder or something it has this 'sandtime' icon..the comp was like kinda hanged..he came in and we were laughing hysterically,he asked why..we told him what happen,he seemed no emotion at all :\(somethings wrong haha)

I tell you,we were so 'stonned' man! seriously..for that moment i really thought he was gay man...


My expression that time...

In the end, it was a misunderstanding (thats what he said) cause he didnt format his comp properly :s thats why the pw potion came out :s don`t know true or not ah haha..what do u guys think? and on yea and look at his msn nick! :S

click on it to view it larger

keong.....r......u? :| well..if u r.i`ll still treat u the same man..4 real..i accept you of who u are... ;)

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