Wednesday, February 20, 2008

R.I.P Lydia Sum 1947-2008

I was shocked when i heard that Lydia Sum a.k.a 'Fei jie' to the people has passed away`s was a big loss to the people of hong kong...n also people all around the world..a strong women,who`s heart so beautiful and innocent..a smile and laughter that bring cheer and hapiness to the people around..they called her 'Happy Fruit' somehow i miss her laughter thou..i just sat her on Wah Loi Toi the other day,when she receive the "Life Time Achievement Award" you can see..even when she laugh or smile..depe down inside she`s suffering...but she din show..cause she didn`t want to make them worried..i really respect her..a wonderful women..that all i gotta say..if the world could have a few more women like her..wouldn't`t the world be a happier place?


We All Miss You!!

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